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                                                          DOWNLOAD THOUSANDS OF KARAOKE SONGS



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Some so           ngs are also avai      





                                  Download yourself or for those who are not comfortable with the process

                                                 We can do it for you.........converted to CD+G disc (included)

                                                                                           or (MP3+G on USB/SD (Not included)

                                                         ONLY - $4.00 per song (min 10 songs)

                                                                     Call for info (416)241-8245

                                                               email sales@karaokecenter.ca


































                                                                                                 All the songs as fea                                 eb site are the same songs which are used on Sunfly Karaoke or SBI Karaoke CD+G Discs but3                     

All songs are produced in the style of the original artist and in the same key, the performances do not contain any original artist vocals whatsoever and backing cover vocals will be present in our versions if the original version had backing vocals.

e download library.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure you can play MP3+G song files before purchasing any song credit from an authorised retailer please note no refunds will be made once song credit has been purchased. Song credit can only be purchased at select retailers and not from this site.

Once you have used all your song credit please return to the originating retailer to purchase more song credit. You can then download one song at a time or as many songs at a time until your credit has been fully used.

Simply enter in your song voucher number to commence the buying of songs, then add your song/s to your shopping cart and click the check out button when your ready to download. On the next screen you can edit or complete your order, once completed you can download instantly your chosen songs. Use the same song voucher number each time you return to the site until fully used.

You have 14 days to complete the download once a song has been purchased, you have 12 months to use your entire song voucher credit before it expires, this countdown commences once the first song has been purchased. Should you experience any technical difficulties with the downloading process please email
so we can assist you, please be sure to quote your voucher code number along with the song name/number you are having difficulties with. SingMP3+G support staff will reply during business hours Australian Eastern Standard Time, within 24 to 48 hours.

All digital downloads purchases are 100% final and once purchased due to copyright and licensing reasons will not and cannot be changed whatsoever, so please choose your songs carefully. Any faulty tracks can and will only be replaced with exactly the same song and version originally selected/purchased/downloaded.

If you are running multiple karaoke systems you will need to purchase multiple copies of the each song to ensure all licensing requirements have been paid.

Please Note: All song files are zipped for faster downloading and must be
to being used. The single zipped file containing your downloaded song has in it two files one for the karaoke lyrics (.cdg) and the other for the audio file (.mp3) and they are named 100% the same, except for the file extension (.cdg) and (.mp3) at the very end, if you change the name of the song file they must both be titled the same or it will not work.


Important Note: The downloading process is only compatible with Windows® PC's as the Apple® operating system auto unzipps the files whilst downloading, and in the process alters the MP3+G files as it doesn't recognize the format which causes them to no longer work.

Both files must be transferred to your MP3+G Player/Machine/PCDJ Software (Save room on your PC Hard Drive as PCDJ Karaoke Software packages can play Zipped song files) as both files are played at the same time, together they are a MP3+G song file and provide both the audio and on-screen lyric component, otherwise you will just get the MP3 audio file as a backing track.

You can also
a MP3+G compatible player.

*From time to time host server technical issues or scheduled system maintenance beyond our control may affect the ability to download content, services will resume as soon as possible.




















































































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